Rising to Challenges & Changing Times

ISEC, originally named Intermountain School Equipment Company, was founded in 1967 Colorado by three partners – led by the entrepreneurial spirit of Lewis Anderson. Starting in the school business, the company provided furniture and athletic equipment as the beginning of single source packaging.

During the 1970s, the Federal government was booming with new Veterans Hospitals and Corps of Engineers Medical/Dental facilities. To capitalize on this emerging growth, ISEC expanded into the healthcare and laboratory industry. In addition, the company expanded its footprint outside of Colorado with the opening of a satellite office in Phoenix. Office expansion continued into the 1980s with new operational facilities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. A stock program was also started to allow employees to gain ownership in the company.

In 1990, the company changed its name to its current moniker of ISEC, and expanded further with new offices in Baltimore and Sacramento. Work in high profile, mega woodwork projects in the airport and ballpark sectors further propelled ISEC into prominence, reinforcing the excellence, quality, and craftsmanship the company is recognized for.

The 21st century brought a new focus on becoming a learning organization, driven by our Core Values. In 2006, Mr. Anderson retired after 39 years with the company he helped create.

The company is currently owned by more than 300 stockholders and over a thousand dedicated and talented employees who are dedicated to excellence.

ISEC founder Lewis Anderson (right)