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Employee Owners


Became Employee Owned


Administrative professional Employee Owners and 100 + Field professional Employee Owners


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Employee Ownership


We think and act like we own the place because we do! We are 100% accountable and invested in being the #1 Solutions Provider with focus on a world-class customer experience.

Employee Ownership

Core Values and Purpose

Employees that are owners think, act, and engage at the highest level. They have a common purpose. They are dedicated to excellence in delivering the highest level of commitment to our customers with integrity, respect, safety, and teamwork.

Employee Ownership


Our employee-owners advance our strong culture, building prosperity for themselves, their clients, and the communities.

Meet Our Employee Owners

People make a difference at ISEC. With over 400 shareholders, ISEC is proud to be employee owned.

“Being an employee-owner of ISEC has made me feel like my voice, actions, and opinions help shape important aspects of our great company. It has also provided my family and me with financial security now and in my future retirement. I will be forever grateful to ISEC for my career and the life path we have traveled together.”

General Superintendent
ISEC Employee Since 1991

“Being an employee-owner at ISEC means that my fellow employee-owners and I are directly impacted by the success of the company.  That privilege creates an added layer of accountability which gives me extra motivation to perform my best.”

Business Development Manager
ISEC Employee Since 2009

“I take pride in my work and appreciate knowing that my extra efforts make a difference to the bottom line. As an employee owner it makes it that much better. ”

Senior Estimator
ISEC Employee Since 1987

“As an employee-owner, you feel a sense of empowerment within the company. Every employee's contribution is valued because we’re working towards a common goal.”

Project Manager
ISEC Employee Since 2011

“For me being an employee-owner means I play a vital role along with other co-owners in shaping ISEC and benefiting from the results.”

Operations Manager
ISEC Employee Since 2003

“As an employee-owner I am directly invested in the success and growth of ISEC as a corporation. From training direct reports to our overall performance and profitability on a project, having a stake in the company has provided me with the motivation needed to remain vigilant in my workflow and to always strive towards the best possible outcome for my team.”

Project Manager 2
ISEC Employee Since 2009

“It’s a great experience being part of ISEC, an employee owned company. I know I have stake in the success of the business and I personally benefit from ISEC’s growth. Strong culture, teamwork, collaboration and a positive work environment are a few examples of what I believe employee ownership brings. Employee ownership leads to higher job satisfaction and loyalty. As an ISEC employee owner, I am fulfilled each day and look forward to what challenges lie ahead.”

Installation Manager STSC
ISEC Employee Since 2004

“It’s been great to work for an employee-owned company like ISEC. When people feel like they are more than just employees, they have a working relationship that feels more like family.”

Operations Manager
ISEC Employee Since 2009