Professional Development

ISEC is a Learning Organization

ISEC employees are our greatest assets, so we provide them with the education and development needed to be successful. We create and implement individual plans that support employee growth and enable superior performance.

ISEC is dedicated to investing in our employee’s careers, skills, and lives by providing an exceptional learning environment. We pride ourselves in offering a robust environment of education – on the job, in the classroom, and online. Here are a few of the programs we offer:
New Employee Training
Led by our senior leadership team, all new employees join us for a dynamic program. We discuss our company history, our exceptional culture, and the key role each department plays in making ISEC a successful and influential company in the construction industry.  
Field Leadership Training
This program provides regional classroom training for future leaders to fill Foreman and General Superintendent opportunities. Specific training components cover leadership and management skills, best practices in managing safety, and key technical skills. 
ISEC Project Management
The ISEC Project Management class covers a wide variety of processes, tools, and leadership skills necessary to successfully run our complex construction projects.

Educational Conferences
ISEC provides specialty educational conferences where peer groups from across the country can share, learn, and discuss best practices from the projects they have managed in their local markets.
Leadership Development
These classes underscore fundamental leadership skills necessary for growth within ISEC. Classes are held regionally and led by experienced ISEC leaders. Subjects range from: communication skills and building relationships, to self-awareness and leadership presence.
Online Learning
ISEC provides a comprehensive library of online reference resources, allowing all employees to efficiently access key educational information in user-friendly formats.

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